I’m Eduard Kovalenko – front-end developer.
My career started in 2011 as HTML / CSS coder with freelance projects. A year later I was excited with javascript, I was taking more and more projects with js task, so in 2013 it becomes 80% of my work duties. Tons of articles and tutorials gave me a broad outlook. Not focusing on the one technology, I try to find out what could be a better solution for the individual case. I believe that UI should be simple and extremely convenient - that’s why I'm always looking for new improvements.

I had amazing two years project with developing customer javascript framework from scratch in spread team (~10 page devs / ~10 software guys), It was excellent experience with Native Javascript, but now I’m enjoyed modern technologies such as Angular 4, React, Vue. I prefer small or mid-size projects, with challengeable tasks.

Let me know if you have any.


Belarusian State University
Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty


Russian – Native
English – Upper Intermediate
French – Intermediate

I Can

  • Html & Css
  • Less / Sass
  • Bootstrap
  • Responsive Web
  • Javascript
  • NodeJS
  • Backbone
  • Angular 2 / 4
  • React + Redux
  • Vue 2
  • ExtJS 6
  • Sencha Touch
  • Chrome Extension API
  • Service Workers
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Android Native Apps

I Use

  • Git / Svn
  • NPM
  • Ng CLI
  • Sencha CLI
  • Gulp
  • Webpack
  • Mysql / Postgre
  • Cordova / Phonegap
  • Avocode
  • Adobe Ps / Ai
  • Xara Designer

I Want

  • Angular 4
  • React
  • Vue
  • NodeJS
  • Any other challenge
Skype: monty.lab

Working Experience


March 2017 — Present

Ext JS, Chrome Extensions, Angular 4 – this list reflects my first three months. I've expected magnificent experience, amazing projects and great people here.

EPAM Systems Inc

April 2014 — March 2016

Working on high load media project as front-end developer of the custom framework. Team size 20+, half of them are Americans from the customer side. Primary skill - JavaScript


September 2012 — April 2014

I was HTML / CSS coder, javascript was my secondary skill. The scope of projects were extra wide: SVG animations, Google API, WebGL, HTML games, ECommerce, CRM solutions etc. SoftConveyer gives me unforgettable experience due to various technology stack on many of projects.


2011 – Present. Part-time projects

Freelance projects were a good kick to learn more. At the beginning I took simple projects, which became more complex, my skills grew up extra fast – what was a big advantage, when I was looking for my first job. I still like to have such experience – it’s a great opportunity to learn something new.




When I've been on interviews each time I saw my resume printed on monochrome laser printer from jobs stocks.
I want my resume to be:

  • Personal, not like thousands of other from stock.
  • As in any application, here usability is on the first place.
  • It should look nice on the paper as well as on the web.
  • It looks awesome through its simplicity, now, in a year, in five - forever
  • Easy to update

Uno Counter – Progressive Web App

Angular4, Firebase, Service Workers

Uno is one of the most simple card games, I extremely enjoyed playing with friends, but nobody wants to manage the score. This App simplifies the game process, saving time, avoid calculation mistakes. This is a Progressive Web App that means it works fast, reliable, it even works offline.

Try it: http://uno.montylab.ru

Chrome Extension

Native JS, Chrome API, Firebase

This Extension is built for company internal use. The purpose is to grab news from the different website, edit it and send to the backend for store the data. Simple Auth is made with Firebase API. Users can interact with extension popup and context menu commands. Due to NDA example is not available

ExtJS iOS Application

ExtJS 6, Sencha Touch, Sencha CLI, Phonegap, Xcode, iOS App
An extension written in ExtJS to SugarCRM; the aim of the application is to keep information about Customers, currently and upcoming projects, Sale activities and campaigns, etc. I was responsible for code migration from ExtJS Classic to Modern toolkit and following building native app for Ipad (iOS 10)

MTV Networks

Html, Css, Javascript, Smarty, XML, Selenium, LESS, SASS, PHP, SVN, Social API's, Akamai, Jenkins, Agile process
We made our own JS framework, which target is to deliver content to users as fast as possible. The concept is to have both front and server-side templates rendering, to have extremely fast first loading, next step - SPA part, which allows users to have quick and responsive experience with all website pages.

The main features are reusable modules, its versions, and inheritance. Simple example: you found the bug, fixed it on any website of network and get the update to all supported websites.

I took part in the development of MVC framework not only as side developer but as core developer too. What gives me incredible experience working with the great team, difficult challenges and interesting projects.

Examples: http://www.cc.com/ http://spike.com/ http://southpark.cc.com/ http://jokes.cc.com/ http://www.mtv.com/

Word Games

HTML5 Canvas API, CSS3 Animations, Javascript, Avocode
WordForge and CardBox are two cross-platform educational browser games targeted towards children and teenagers. Project assignment was to refresh the game's visual appearance and redevelop it from Unity Engine to HTML5 and JavaScript to improve compatibility and performance, decrease loading times.

Using native JavaScript I built simple framework to for with HTML5 Canvas which allow reusing a huge bundle of code for both projects and focus on the games logic differences.

You can check games on GitHub pages: CardBox WordForge

Rembr – Native Android app

Android Studio, Android SDK, Java 8

An application aimed to store important photos which you shot with a phone. It might be books to read, food which you shouldn’t forget to buy, train tickets, like bar codes – everything you want to get quick.

Try it: http://play.google.com/rembr

Ford Driving Skills

JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery-UI, MySQL, PHP, HTML5, CSS 3, Joomla CMS, Google Maps API
Ford Driving Skills for Life (Ford DSFL) was established in 2003 by Ford Motor Company Fund, the Governors Highway Safety Association, and a panel of safety experts to teach newly licensed teens the necessary skills for safe driving beyond what they learn in standard driver education programs. Ford DSFL helps young drivers improve their skills in four key areas that are critical factors in more than 60% of vehicle crashes including: Hazard Recognition, Vehicle Handling, Speed and Space Management and Distractions. Ford DSFL hosts a variety of hands-on events across the nation and supports efforts across the globe. At the core of Ford DSFL is the web site with The Academy serving as the main learning area.

Page: https://www.drivingskillsforlife.com/

Calcium D3 Nycomed

JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery-UI, HTML5, CSS3, Google maps API, MapBox API, AJAX
Landing page for the promotion of the vitamins "Calcium D-3 Nycomed." General features of the project are parallax effect when scrolling through pages and large scale multi-layer graphics. Our purpose was to make one universal page with all content inside and friendly interface

Page: http://www.calciumd3.ru/